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Successor to the Ferrari California will be produced in August
Ferrari California
LATEST CAR NEWS - After his display at the Geneva Motor Show last event, the latest generation of Ferrari California reportedly ready to go August.

They say California will get a brand-new generation of design retro-inspired supercar. Thus was launched Inautonews, Wednesday (13/06/2012).

Manufacturing bearing the Prancing Horse is not only altering the exterior and interior California. Sector so that speed was a change comes over fresh. Similarly, in the suspension system to improve ride comfort.

California now carries the turbocharged V8 engine capable of spitting out power to 600 horsepower and 505 Nm of torque at 5000 rpm. Improved performance thanks to a touch of California back on the new engine and exhaust manifold.

With this engine, California can accelerate from 0-100 mph in 3.5 seconds or 0.2 seconds faster than previous models.
LATEST CAR NEWS - The new BMW M5 promises tremendous power reserves and pressing a button each desired behaviour. Meets all expectations of the Bavarian high-tech sedan?

Only rattle and then cold valves, ringing a five-litre unit at 8,000 rpm screams the movement together, bites on gas command to such an evil mood Cobra, and courses such as with the sledge hammer to pop into cast. Just a rumour would be a pagan third, the 507 HP v10 as organized, where he draws by the way still fuel as the litre koste Super 1,10 EUR, and global warming.

She was also, because what strumming so enthemmt on the automotive keyboard of emotion is a BMW M5 of built 2004. It was built at the height of the sports striving as probably the wildest kidney grill of the modern era. BMW was a kind of paradox in the zehnzylindrigen formula 1, the term of efficient dynamics, and car fans were allowed to please help us still quite unökologisch a pipe in the stomach at the burn happening.

BMW M5 again with eight cylinders

He was certainly not perfect, but it glowed in driving like a Turbo at full load. Just placing the most radical break in the BMW M5 history now. Six, eight, ten were the cylinders themselves so far over the suction cup generations upwards. When the new, only eight, but struggle with loader. As frantic fans moan on: an end to high speed, no more wild speech, and in conclusion with funny?

Depends on how one defines fun. We analyze the nutritional value of first before we eat the steak: 560 HP and 680 nm of a 4, 4 litre V8 block. The 1.924 kilograms of the BMW are pushed to front rear driven M5 after. This makes 3.4 kg / HP, as much as in an Aston Martin DBS. Now, high performance with a Turbo is not art. It is crucial to educate the frenzied shovels of to harmonious and spontaneous speech. So the exhaust gas of a BMW specialty, a cylinder bank cross-manifold streaming, on two identical short distances to the two Twinscroll Superchargers (sitting in the 90-degree V). Inlet side the mixture is pulverized then by direct-injection solenoid valve injectors with 200 bar, while Valvetronic fully variable and especially freely breathe the valves.

In four seconds on 100 things

And now I verspeis: make the switching speed of the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission to the highest level of S3, ESP away click and step on the accelerator. Then, nothing happens a few dog first else customers because clutch and an active limited slip differential gather before the neck muscle attempts to keep the head from the impact with the posh White Leather sports seats. That fails gloriously, and after four seconds is the BMW M5 at 100 km/h - 0.7 seconds faster than its predecessor not truly slow. Again 8.6 seconds later the pointer crosses the 200 mark, and the old man is already 2.2 seconds behind. With drivers package (2,450 euros) stop the needle even on 305 instead of 250 things.

Sober natures find him thus in Porsche 911 Turbo dimensions, emotional shouting something more like "jihaaaa". Thrust and force of the BMW rotating about 7,000 tours M5 seem to flow from idle speed from an inexhaustible source, and it is immaterial that she needs always a bit until it bubbles properly. The acoustics, however, distances itself from the spectacle of acceleration. Not only that she partially artificially played by the stereo it brabbelt and roars while fiery and ambitious, but gently insulated, so that the real feel of the true speed couples off himself.

Nimble like a mini through the slalom

What sounds harmless, manifests a fundamental problem of many current power cars. Must go faster, subjective as it used to create the same feeling of dynamics. Help bring the excellent, streamlined in the new BMW M5 and facilitated (aluminium components for all carrier and handlebars) chassis and the 295er tires. So, the too heavy for a sportsman 1, 9-ton with around 66 km/h fast as a mini masters the slalom.

Gently, the back of the BMW M5 with ESP switched on when changing the load after urges outside. In the much faster ISO alternative test he sets on the Carrera Guild. Although subjectively quiet and neutral than the jagged, predecessor, lighter 90 kg of large transverse momentum jump remains from metrologically - at least with enabled stability control. Sensitive drivers feel a subtle understeer tendency of slightly front-heavy (52: 48) BMW M5 despite the very precise hydraulic steering with variable translation and the Adaptive dampers. Accordingly, traction is only moderately especially in wet conditions.

But it will play: man is suddenly the spores 560 V8 horses under steering angle. You then go with the perfume of smoking tires off in drifters Wonderland. The hard-hitting slats of locking differential do rest, to bring a broad side step to the rear. Direct steering and the long wheelbase of BMW help by fast give against yaw moment calm M5.

BMW M5 can now also sensitively feather

You can align but little against it, that the otherwise fast and accurate DCT gearbox ZF in shunting and urban use (course one and two) uncomfortable turnips - similar to how the sequentially shifting old. Was indeed a pioneer of configurable driver behaviour, almost 300 variants were counted. The new BMW M5 clicks similar to: the pilot through the Steering, drive, and damping characteristics SURFs over three buttons. So, if you buy two cars: in sport plus mode, a sports car in comfort with arg strict ESP reins one extremely strong 550i. Because what the M3 submits, the BMW M5 can now also: sensitively feather. However, wooden rolling off and Dröhnen noise disturb the harmony braking.

The hot Bavarian potato stops quickly and free of fading. At the traffic lights, even the engine is due to start stop. A somewhat childish Zeitgeist consequence case of such machinery. But it puts the market drops, probably the the minimum consumption less than ten litres / 100 km press. Dynamic flow 14.5 litres and increase so that the reach of the greedy old 134 to 551 kilometers - that is one in a BMW M5. No wonder he can stroll at 180 km/h in seventh gear with 2,900 tours such as a large diesel.

How was the now still with funny? Yes, as regards savagery, speech and sound, was the old. The new is better and much faster.
Astra convertible comes 2013
LATEST CAR NEWS - 2013, The new Opel Astra will be convertible into production. Now prototypes to test drives are been caught again. Already in February Opel has officially confirmed the convertible plans for the Opel Astra.

Apparently as reaction to the premiere of the VW Golf cabriolet Wolfsburg has the Opel confirmed the construction of the new open air model manufacturer. It is again based on the Astra and should come in 2013 on the market, it was announced by the company. The car with other Astra variants in Gliwice in Poland is being built.

Astra convertible comes 2013

The last Opel Astra convertible was the TwinTop model with a retractable steel roof, which was stopped about a year ago with the generational change in the compact class. Given the former corporate crisis the Hessians had left open first, whether they would again occupy this niche. The new version of the Opel Astra will be again a folding hardtop convertible, although the Erlkönig walk runs a temporary customized fabric hood. The drive range will rent the Astra CC at the normal Astra, a variant of the OPC is not foreseen. The facelift of the normal version will already have the open Astra. 2013, Premiere could celebrate the Astra CC at the motor show in Paris or in Geneva.

"The new convertible is an ideal addition to our product portfolio," said Opel Chief Executive Nick Reilly: "With its elegant design it is in the tradition of our open and sporting vehicles and will have a major positive effect on our brand," says Reilly.
The new BMW 3 series in the comparison test of the middle class
LATEST CAR NEWS - Even though more and more niche models establish the supply vehicle market will increasingly colorful and are, but one thing above all in Germany is still: the middle class. She offers sufficient space as a classical limousine for four people, holds ready many engine transmission types and ensures acceptable daily consumption by rational proportions.

Model student of this class are without doubt VW Passat, Audi A4 and Mercedes c-class, still belong to the top-selling cars at all. And BMW provides a driving dynamic alternative for the elite circle 3 series with the all-new BMW again. In the test 320 of 184 PS strong d first meets VW Passat 2.0 TDI, Mercedes C 220 CDI and Audi A4 2.0 TDI.

Even if the new BMW is still clearly shorter 3 series with its exterior length of 4.62 meters as an Audi so has A4 or even the VW Passat (4,77 M), he but when compared to its predecessor significantly increased (nine centimeters). Above all the passengers in the back seat to the track.

Here, Munich offers even more room than the c-class, in the most likely ramming his head on the roof liner, and with your knees at the back. Through the lower seating position of driver and front passenger, it can be tight for the feet in the BMW rear but.

The VW Passat, which fully exploits its stately width of 1.87 meters inside offers the most space. The Wolfsburg holds the largest volume of luggage ready with 565 litres. In addition, can be the backrest easily ratchet lever hoist from the trunk out put and fall it independently to a nearly flat cargo bed.

Maximum of 480 litres, while the flip-flop mechanism in BMW and Mercedes from behind is unlocked will fit in the rear compartments of the competitors. The seat backs fold here but not by itself forward. At (562 kg) payload and towing capacity, deposes the great VW from the class average and turns out to be real usefulness animal.

This choice of material and build quality reminiscent not a flagship. With the lavishly revamped BMW the Wolfsburg can compete once 3. Especially disappointed the Bayer in detail with some neglect. Here as cheap-looking plastic emerges, the frame of the head-up display reflects interfering rays of the Sun in the field of view, and affected the variety of materials in the cockpit "From a cast iron feeling familiar BMW".

From a very different star the dignified Mercedes and Audi show since latter has carved such as from one piece. Also, you get the full range of security technology from the upper class in the Stuttgart. Presafe, emergency braking assistance, or the very sophisticated autonomous cruise control system Distronic - here everything extra charge on board can be obtained.

However, the many electronic helpers on the small screen in the speedometer must be maintained. In Audi and BMW, which succeeds much easier on the large central display and central control on the centre console. You on the monitor also animated circular instruments for power and torque can in the new three-pointer on the very pleasant iDrive service. For passengers in the BMW must waive still rear side airbags, which exist in the competition at least at an additional cost.

Audi TT RS Roadster 2.5 TFSI quattro S tronic plus | Chevrolet Corvette 6.2 V8 Grand Sport Convertible

Two character convertibles for limitless fresh air feeling – not only on the race track

LATEST CAR NEWS - From afar is approaching a hämmerndes sound, closer to, mills in the ear canals, away, is quieter and silent as the Audi TT RS plus Roadster - plus more stands for 20 HP - disappears on the horizon. An experience that is easily modified pitch, but not less impressive a few moments later repeated, as the Corvette displaced now back under the label of the Chevrolet convertible Grand sport trim pre-accession rauscht.


No question, in terms of sound there - apart from the sound of turbocharger in the Audi - clearly audible similarities between the different engine concepts. But the domes under which she stuck among roadsters, could hardly be different. On the one hand the Audi with compact dimensions and clean lines.

Aside from the wing as a necessary tribute to the aerodynamics, the open Audi TT RS embodies a kind of automotive Bauhaus style. On the other side of the Corvette, flat, wide, muscular as Grand sport with sports suspension and widened track. 325Er-Runon-flat rollers (emergency running wheels, front 275er) rotate the wheel houses of the timeless Extrovert Stern. The Audi lets leave it all around at almost slender looking 255ern. The series inline five Turbo may apply as it were reminiscent of the glorious rally past of the Ingolstädter. Currently 2.5 litre engine with charge air cooling, RS help him due to spring a minor load increase pressure (1.25 instead of 1,2 bar) to 20 more HP to the Audi TT.

The Corvette Captain should smile about the now 360 adjacent horsepower. Its engine comes from a country in which usually everything somehow has King size format. Therefore he's missing in view of awe-inspiring 6.2 litre engine capacity also no charge because even as a suction cup delivers from the old school 437 HP V8.

How they Park so, side by side, almost dainty Audi and the arching Corvette, it seems clear here who could tolerate a weight watchers program. But far from. Actually, the precision for the Audi 1572 kilograms displays unexpected 31 kilograms more than for the Ami, which saves weight properly with its plastic body. For this, the Audi TT shines RS with noticeably higher quality workmanship as the Corvette. His body is in addition torsion rigidity.

Before the fun on the racetrack, the two must show but once how they cope with the daily life of automotive. Dalat the Corvette Grand sport convertible casual cruising as well as dedicated to gases. From 900 tours in sixth gear at the end of the motorway construction site speed up or narrowing climbs thanks to the 575 nm maximum torque? No problem! At the latest here to learn to understand the preference of Americans for large involved - if they even never legally get to enjoy, with 180 km/h at only 2500 / min relaxed to roll.


If there is to be a fighter, which muscle spielend wrestles down most of what comes his way, is from the US cruiser. Maximum 300 km/h are in it. The Audi deletes the sails, which is in the ordinary course everyday little of importance, already at 280 km/h because the Corvette can not shake off him. Its inline five is speed greedy, is felt somewhat faster speed cellar. Relaxed cruising is also possible, surfing a pleasure on the measured 465 nm maximum torque shaft.

However, the Audi achieved this not quite the level of casualness as its US counterpart. The level of speed is the engine in the Interior displays a total slightly higher. The pressure on the S key opens the sound flap in the exhaust and changes the accelerator pedal curve direction spontaneres response. Then it pulls open Bayern when beaten by accelerator with force direction horizon, and the Roadster rages on and, while the wind - like in the Corvette - with hurricane to the hairstyle looks after.

What does the black on white, occupies the measuring computer, because during the performance tests, the moment of truth - with a surprise hits. From zero to 100 km/h, the performance überlegene Corvette with 5.0 seconds half a second behind the Audi TT is RS plus Roadster. While the Bavarian benefits from its fast-changing the course S-tronic, a 7-speed double clutch transmission (extra charge: 2150 EUR), as well as the standard all-wheel drive. The hinterrad-driven Corvette demands a slip sensitive Gasfuss, its six-speed gearbox after a hard-hitting hand. Also the 200-km/h mark falls still 0.3 seconds at the Audi more (16.3 seconds) than in the Corvette.

Given the impressive performance of consumption within remains: 14.1 liters Super plus on 100 kilometers rustled on the round of testing by the intake manifold injection of large caliber Corvette aggregate. This is quite reasonable performance. However, the 77 HP weaker Audi engine with gasoline direct injection demanded 3.1 liters of less.


For fast Highway pursuit the Corvette Grand sport version provides as standard an Adaptive damping system ("magnetic selective ride control"), which instantaneously moves from the "tour" in the "sport" mode via a selector switch. Then the Ami sucks firmly formally on the asphalt. But should in this context be noted, that at high tempos the rear double cross beam rear axle with transverse leaf spring ensures that it the Corvette Grand sport convertible specifically on bumps not entirely with the directional stability of the multiple-beam rear axle can absorb in the Audi.

Both like the proverbial boards are located on topfebener road. In terms of ride comfort are no miracles expected naturally in convertibles of this caliber, but feel the occupant discs either the Audi or the Corvette unduly strained. Both inform about Frostaufbrüche but more than necessary. This danger does not exist on the Nürburgring GP circuit.

While fighting the first sunbeams of Przedwiosnie through the Eifel cloud cover, complete their formation lap the two convertibles, bring the tires to temperature. Then, it is flat out! V8 and inline five hammers of the grandstands resound back on the start finish straight. The following curve Geschlängel parried the Corvette with unexpectedly returning-give up. The Audi Volant required here slightly higher steering forces, feels but handy.

Out accelerate? Be careful! Here, the Ami requires feeling. Too much gas means a fast auskeilendes rear end. The Corvette will be driven as possible around, creates then but noticeably higher curve tempos than the Audi. Their lateral acceleration indicator in the head-up display points out up to 1.3 g. The all-wheel drive Audi is the good-natured debutants Scouts, countered from the vertex with traction and brutish pulls out of the corners. The braking of sweeping conveys the Corvette the better pressure point and at over five seconds faster than the Audi at the end. in terms of driving pleasure both are neck and neck. The open air season is open!


Two Roadster, as could not be different. Here the coach by Audi, there the bodybuilder Corvette. The potent Bayer inline five Turbo produces while 77 HP less than the V8 fired convertible from Kentucky, provides better performance but minimal. But is the Chevrolet Corvette, by expert hand moves, much faster on the race track and thus refuted the meeting prejudice that American sports car only to the running of the show be good. The Audi scores with better traction, higher quality and cheaper to 16,600 euro. Strength of character is standard in two Roadsters.
New BMW xDrive 2012 M550d
LATEST CAR NEW - Strong, fast, and while still amazingly economical - the BMW xDrive is M550d the currently most complete five on offer the Bavarii

Fans of M GmbH must be strong now. Recently they have digested the shock that even powerful SUV with supercharged gasoline units may carry the M logo, since the Group's own sports Department presents the first vehicle, a variant under the hood. But with the debut of the new M performance line, the BMW xDrive M550d, Bayern have pulled all the stops: three turbochargers help not only the three litre diesel engine 381 HP, still impressive maximum torque of 740 nm out, that available in the range of 2000 to 3000 revolutions falls.

In practice, the spontaneous response of diesel engines already just above idle speed, as well as the exemplary joy of shooting, goes with which the series six to works impress above all in addition to the sheer force. While the engine under load sounds so not after a Variant, robust and sporty it is best. The power is managed by the known good eight speed automatic, which always keeps ready the correct gear - but that is also no great art in view of the enormous torque offer. Best blends the drive in the driving mode eco Pro, namely the ZF transmissions can be always with full force speed cellar up climbing the engine and delivers the highest level of driving by pickled eighth course even at highway speed and fully Accelerator beaten by consistently.

In conjunction with the standard all-wheel drive system xDrive brings the five the power at any time proof of traction on the asphalt. The firm but still comfortable M sports suspension predestined him as pfeilschnellen motorway glider and is far away from athletic hardness, that identifies the M5. Transverse dynamic keeps the BMW M550d xDrive also respect distance to the over five, ensures even the high weight of more than two tons. But so much mass of Triturbo shows completely unimpressed. To 100, the BMW sprints in 4.9 seconds, the peak of 250 km/h for him playfully is out of hand. The brakes are reflected the performance of the engine more than equal: with cold Stoppers, the load after 35.5 meters, with warm slices is even a metre more.


The saying "Power costs," applies to only partially in the case of M550d. Although flows specified in the test by the six Piezoventile with an average of 8.9 litres considerably more than by the manufacturer (EU consumption 6.3 litres), but in relation to the offered performance, the measured value is more than acceptable. It is a pity that the automatic start stop feature lets go from the engine with a noticeable jerk. Also we would wish that the driver as such with models from Audi and Mercedes has the opportunity to prevent the motor stop by an only lighter pressure on the brake pedal - virtually if it equal again goes at a stop. But that's the only thing that us on the BMW M550d xDrive bothered, because for proud 80.800 euro, the customer gets the currently most complete model of the five series.
Mercedes CLA
A year ago the Mercedes concept A one of the highlights of the Shanghai Auto show was 2011 and as we now know, it was a very close-to-series preview of the new a-class presented in Geneva. This year, the Auto China takes place 2012 in Beijing and again show the Swabians in the form of Mercedes concept Coupe style an interesting study which will be available from 2013 in a barely different form the traders.


The style of the four-door Coupé modelled on is unmistakably successful Mercedes CLS, see avant-garde formed sheet metal is but the affordable technology platform in the new a-class. The combination of these two series is also named the mid-size sedan, because the later production version will come as Mercedes CLA on the road.

While the a-class only with powered front wheels on the vendors stands and have to wait a little to four driven wheels, has the study concept style Coupe already on the all-wheel drive 4Matic. Working under the hood with their two power domes a Turbo four cylinder which produces 211 HP and is combined with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

In several places of the new concept cars he is taken up A and the a-class with AMG sports package known style of diamond grills of the concept, which will make it even in the series. Something ordinary, be mirrors, rims, and elements of the Interior fail later, but we already get a good impression of the more dynamic alternative to the Mercedes c-class.

With a length of 4.63 metres, the new takes Mercedes CLA but not only the in-house c-class in the line of fire, but also the dynamic middle-class models from Munich and Ingolstadt. No matter whether Audi A4, Audi A5 Sportback, BMW 3 series or a possible four-door variant of the BMW will be significantly greater than the next generation of the c-class Quad Coupe, with the dynamic CLA and practical-class - overlooking the new CLA - can the Swabia attack will equal the competition from Bavaria from two parties. LATEST CAR NEWS
Audi S4 3.0 TFSI and BMW 335i test
LATEST CAR NEWS - Audi S4 and BMW 335i - two power sedans with eingeschworener fan base. A praise all-wheel drive and V6 engine, for others, the straight-six engine of hero deserves. But who is ahead?

Other day somewhere in the Hohenlohe. Crackling engines, shiny asphalt - and tester scratched up. "My goodness, how quiet the Audi 3.0 TFSI on the undulating piece there was S4." Even after the Summit: no twitch, no swinging by. The fast right went with a steering angle, without poking and will. Class. "And the crazy traction since the sport differential helps him." "Yes, but did you hear how loose the BMW 335i turns up seven?" Pressure from the bottom to top. Pushes like a diesel, rotates like a sucker. "Not to mention the ultra direct handling, this steering tells everything you."

You guessed it already, here it is not about the drop count in the Familienvan. Instead, let S4 3.0 TFSI and BMW 335i for the victory in the sporty middle class competing Audi. Here the new BMW 3 series with 306, as always been beaten Turbo HP in a comparatively subtle body. There the recently refreshed Audi S4 with compressor motor and 333 HP in the S typical delicate training dress velvet metallic Grill and four-pipe exhaust. Okay, one level deeper would there still an incognito version of A4 with 272 HP, but for the BMW 335i should have the Audi S4 ran. He brings for almost €54.900 base price already all-wheel drive, seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, and more with, the BMW 3 series (basic price 43.600 euro) only rear-wheel drive, charged extra for the eight-speed automatic.

Compressor in the Audi S4 3.0 TFSI krawall low and punchy

Nevertheless, both sedans still on the border of financial accessibility, convert light or turbo feuriges M3chen give something like the RS4. Merely that it is binding occur as the sporting friends. So the three litre compressor in the Audi pushes to as punchy as krawall arm S4 3.0 TFSI. Why compressor? Because the roots-blower slips in the cylinder-V and prepared as a hot charger less thermal problems. In addition, he shovels extra air into the combustion chamber more evenly, without on-delay. Its torque is located on still not earlier, the maximum 440 nm bubble up from 2,900/min, while the BMW 335i releases its 400 Newton starting at 1,200 rpm.

The super-charged three liter - straight six engine of the BMW 335i optimizes his breathing by Valvetronic, which eliminates a conventional throttle, as well as by means of a double inlet-loader control (twin scroll). Only sensual feel his minimum trip delay before he turns minimal vibrant, but all the more energetic to 7,000 rpm. Quite so greedy the 90-degree V6 Audi not bites to 3.0 TFSI S4, that he runs sämiger and kultivierter, his somewhat smooth, usable power gives. Up to the traction: the slightly hecklastig-based distribution through the Torsen C Center differential plus the optional sport differential rear commands implement efficiently. Rather than glow control systems, the Audi S4 is seeking optimal mechanical traction. The sport differential is working with two connectors and allocates the portion of driving dynamic effective power to each rear wheel, resulting in a dynamic Mitlenkeffekt.

Quickly the same S4 and 3 in the driving dynamics course

Traction control and ESP have a balmy Lenz at the Audi, instead the speedometer must toil. Because if you don't pay attention, drives them to unhealthy levels, where it is no matter whether the road smooth or buckelig comes along, grip or slippery. Conventional damper meet the Audi S4 3.0 TFSI for excellent ground contact and high comfort during low-building movement. The dynamic steering system (1,000 euro extra) holds back with unsettled occurrence, supports the relaxed, lightning-fast locomotion without wet palms.

Since even the hinterrad-Powered BMW 335i must stand back. In the driving dynamics course about the same fast, he falls off on winding country roads with serrated surface, what even its optional Adaptive dampers can change nothing. Basically comfortably designed, which moves about 180 kilograms lighter BMW 3 series more, higher attention seems restless, required. Also because propagates his landing gear more bumps to the steering. To give a clearly untersteuernd, he wins in the curve of neutrality, to put on appropriate use of performance in disabled help electronics for the drift. Sporty, but less broadband as the Audi S4 3.0 TFSI, the neutral and more easily manageable remains.

Both hot on the slopes and cultivated in the Sunday outing

Fascinating in both: the enormous suitability for everyday use. With the hot tires on the road, now with Grandma Erna on Sunday trip to the roast pork restaurant. Cultivated, comfortable, quiet, comfortable seats and in-service transmissions. The BMW 335i with eight-speed converter, the Audi S4 3.0 TFSI with seven-speed double Coupler. Both the Audi work even busier quickly, ground and accurately, fixer. For this, he denied the seventh course in dynamic mode, keeps the low levels sometimes slightly too long.

Although he also has an efficiency mode, but the BMW 335i shows here greater potential, switches to eco Pro to Flash that you would put a person in the taps for his character of sport +. But here it helps climate performance and display by trägerer throttle response, reduced the fictional wrestling extra km when the fuel saving knauserten. About 7 L / 100 km are in it, the Audi S4 3.0 TFSI comes only with difficulty under nine.

But who thinks of limousines with performance at the level of historical Turbo Porsche on the fuel savings? Since we allow rather whistle the loader and the motors Crackle. Oh yeah, at the end of the Audi WINS S4 3.0 TFSI if also scarce.
Car year 2012 - The new features of the next 12 months
LATEST CAR NEWS - Now it is clear: 2012 is a great car year. More than 160 new models and variants are getting ready and enrich the offer to attractive facets. Also safe: Despite all the efforts of the fuel will not quibble performance, luxury and travel facilitation

The old motto of Mercedes design ("on earshot behind fashion") was once, now the Swabia themselves set the trends. After the first four-door coupe (2004), a sport combined with great tailgate and variable loading space in the tradition of earlier Jagdwagen follows in September on the basis of the second generation of the CLS with the CLS shooting brake. For bloody venison or the dog Pack, of noble, but not exactly abundant storage space is however hardly intended, but rather for golf bags and picnic. With its elegant design, the wide range of motor and the optional all-wheel drive, the shooting brake is to close but also those niche that could never quite fill the R-class.

The car year 2012 offers wide variety

End of 2012 the Mazda slips 6 series in a flowing dress in the style of study of Takeri. Better aerodynamics, lightweight and optimised Motors help to save fuel. Analogous to the Mercedes CLS, BMW 6 series CS brings a coupé, athletic four on the market in June with the. Engines: Six and eight. A second variant of the new 3 series comes in the September the station wagon. Interior and trunk will grow significantly. For the first time VW sets up variant an off-road version of the Passat - Audi allroad model the Passat all track with all-wheel drive, bad road suspension and rustic parts shines.

Only front wheel drive and transverse engine remain, otherwise the Mercedes a-class (here all information about the new Mercedes a-class) turns A3 after two generations of the short, high Microvan to the relatively conventional, but nifty compact in the style of Audi Sportback and BMW 1 series. The middle of the year it receives Renault Megane series a facelift with more concise front in the new brand design and higher interior, this small turbo petrol engine instead of the previous 1, 6 liter aspirated.

Many compact news

As the first model of the VW Group takes advantage of the Audi A3 (here all information to the new Audi A3) from spring, the cross-modular construction kit (QMB), which is very flexible and is used to up to the next Passat. Start as a two-door, from December as a Sportback. While the golf VI was little more than a facelift, the seventh generation of the best-selling book is visually how technically completely revised. More chrome, taut lines and shiny lights emphasize the high quality, more external length and wheelbase rear create a noticeable surplus in leg room. Also is an even bigger engine options choice, including from 2013 also natural gas, hybrid and electric versions. The strong TDI-and GTI models do more 10 HP and the 1.4 TSI 140 HP complies with the Euro 6 emissions standard in the future. Due to lowered production costs, prices will remain almost unchanged. The technique of the A3 and golf also uses the stresses athletic occurring seat Leon, which will be available for the first time as a two-door and station wagon, as well as again as notchback offshoot called Toledo.

Compact Volvo sets A3 Sportback follows on to the end of the year a XC version with front or all-wheel drive in the future to a hatchback four depending of the Audi.

Send Minis, lively convertibles

Outside smaller, inside larger: After the growth spurt in the last model change the 207 successor is seven inches shorter and in an average of 110 kilograms lighter. Also the cheap CW and refurbished engines help to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Here for the first time there is a new cylinder-petrol engine with 68 and 82 HP, which should emit only 99 g of CO2 per kilometre in the initial version. Inside, especially the instruments positioned far forward above the steering wheel, as well as the touch screen for the Infotainment on the center console stand out along with more rear legroom and the larger trunk (285 instead of 270 litres).

For 850 euros extra charge the Audi gets off A1 March two Fund doors, some more head room rear and the addition of "Sportback". Designretuschen and simple equipment up the cheaper Skoda Citigo turns the VW. Opel's response to the VW up is based on a shortened Corsa platform, is also about 3.50 meters short and to be launched end of 2012 under 10,000 euros. A year later electric and hybrid variants are on the agenda. The fourth Renault Clio generation with schwungvollerem design, as well as more economical engines - from 2013 also cylinder made its debut at the Geneva show in March.

Despite the young wild ones SLK and SLS AMG Roadster: the classic SL remains a fixed size in the Mercedes. After ten years, a new generation in the wings, which is to connect more than ever great comfort with sporty dynamism under the retractable hardtop is now available. The requirements to deliver a tight weight diet Intelligent lightweight construction, the all-round refined chassis and the renovated engine range. To start in March, there is the new V6 and v8 direct injection of 340-435 HP, somewhat later in the year, the AMG models follow SL 63 (5, 5 liter V8) and SL 65 (six-litre V12 with 630 HP). The third generation of the mid-engine athlete Porsche Boxster is stronger and more economical, but retains a fabric hood. Although the textile reference suggests a conventional folding roof, the new Porsche has a multipart, retractable hardtop 911 convertible for the first time. Just in time for next summer the new VW pushes his Tin Roof in favour of a fashionable fabric Hat beetle. Six months after the Coupe follows the also two-seat Roadster, its fabric hood hand needs to be unlocked and opened as mini. Engines from 122 to 211 PS, 240 liters luggage compartment.

New products in the SUV segment

The large Tribeca has been deleted due to lack of demand from the Subaru range although long, but below the Forester, Subaru is still room for a 4.45 M long crossover with muscular appearance. Unlike in many competitors is the off-road look but not only show that the XV is basically supplied with permanent all-wheel drive, high ground clearance and mountain restart help. Among the striking wheel houses at least 17-inch wheels, under the front hood stuck always engines: two new gasoline engines (1.6/114 HP and 2.0/150 HP) or the two-litre diesel with 147 HP, in the future with start stop and optionally with continuous automatic known. Inside, there are many shelves and storage space, but only 380 litres luggage space. Starting at 18,000 euros, the still nameless, 4.30 metres long Opel SUV Corsa-based should be to have. Gasoline and diesel engines, all-wheel drive against extra charge. Powerful design with optimized engines, but only have the option with all-wheel drive the fourth generation of the SUV 4.60-metre is Honda CR-V at the start. 50 Percent more capacity and a third row of seats feature the van branch Toyota Prius + of the hybrid model. Easy entry thanks to rear sliding doors and missing mullions, as well as a very economical cylinder turbo engine with direct fuel injection are the highlights of the small Ford B Max van.
All about Auto China 2012
All about Auto China 2012
The Beijing motor show 2012 has many new features and also the German car manufacturers use the Auto China this year as large stage for your first night. 

The automotive market in China is from 27 April until 2 may opens its doors for car industry becoming more important, according to numerous world premieres, new models are placed China in Beijing on the car. 

Sport SUV of German manufacturer 

BMW 2012 will reveal in the exhibition halls of Auto China BMW i8 Spyder hybrid super sports car, the open version of the hybrid sports enthusiast i8 deprived two seats and a fixed roof. All eleven inches length 3ers in the game, which also celebrates World premiere in Beijing brings the long version of the BMW

Full on sport, Porsche sets with the GTS version of the Cayenne. Optical bonds when the Cayenne Turbo and 20 HP more under the hood should target oriented customers particularly dynamic. More power SUV contributes Mercedes. Not only the recent facelift of Dauerbrenners Mercedes G-class Debuts at the Auto China 2012, two new AMG versions are revealed in Beijing. G63 AMG puts it in 544 BHP and 760 NM, G65 AMG will be with his Biturbo V12, 612 HP and 1,000 nm torque even to the uber-SUV. Next door, a future competitors will debut with the Lamborghini SUV concept. 

Luxury liner by Citroën

A small anniversary celebrates Ferrari at the Beijing motor show. For 20 years, the Italian athletes in China are sold. On this occasion, there is a special model of the 458 Italia limited to 20 copies specifically for the Chinese market. 

Citroën comes with a special eye-catcher to the Auto China 2012. The big Citroën DS Numero 9 anticipates the coming luxury liner of DS9. It is also the first child of the Elektroauto marriage between Daimler and BYD in Beijing to see. The Denza baptized big should go then already 2013 in series. 2012 Already in production is the Fiat Viaggio, a compact saloon, which is heavily inspired by the Dodge Dart. 

VW will be a further glimpse of the Beetle Convertible with a new big. With a particularly potent Q3 Audi is making the Chinese the small SUV. Dormant potential in the a-class, which will show Mercedes with a study of the four-door Coupé CLA.LATEST CAR NEWS

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