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Business Litigation & Legal Representation from Our Trial Lawyers | New York, NY
880 Third Avenue, 13th Floor | New York, New York  10022


Business Litigation Services

From Our Experienced New York Trial Lawyers


Receive thorough business litigation and representation services from the Law Offices of Robert M. Brill, LLC. Our New York, New York, based trial lawyers will help you resolve your legal cases. The next time you require our regulatory work or trial representation services, contact us to arrange a helpful consultation.

Local New York Legal Representation
The Law Offices of Robert M. Brill, LLC, is a small law firm based out of New York City. We represent clients engaged in businesses regulated by local government entities, including the City of New York, the State of New York, and the federal government. No matter what the nature of the case may be, you can always turn to us for quality representation at affordable rates.

Experienced Trial Lawyers
We have been proudly serving the greater New York City region since 1995. Additionally, our trial lawyers have been providing clients with superior legal representation since 1982. You can always turn to our experienced legal team for hands-on representation when you need it the most.

Our Commitment to Our Clients
At the Law Offices of Robert M. Brill, we are committed to serving as both your sword and your shield in your upcoming legal battle. We always strive to represent our clients in all facets of business litigation, including business contract writing, business relations, and corporate affairs.

Get in touch with our business litigation attorneys to arrange an informative consultation.

• New York City Bar Association • New York State Bar Association • United States
District Court for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York Committee on Transportation
• Infrastructure Citizen Advisory Panel to the Government of New York City