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Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Tender/Bidding for Contracts is the foundation of all Oil servicing Companies. All Oil servicing companies are contracting companies. This means they can only exist when they have contracts and keep on getting contracts to execute. To start as a company they have to get contracts. They depend on a continuous series of contracts to survive and grow.
Tendering and Bidding for contract is at the centre of this activity and anyone involved in this activity are amongst the most important and sought after in any Oil servicing organisation. They are amongst the most valuable asset of the organisation. 
Cald-Energine Tender/Bid & Business Development Resource CD encompasses the accumulated knowledge of top Tender/Bid & Business Development specialist in the Oil industry, with decades of combined experience. It includes vital Resources and materials needed for Tender/Bid processes. 
Developed by a team of professionals, it is available for the first time in Nigeria as a comprehensive resource kit that will get you started. Its step-by-step methods guide you to become proficient in Tender/Bid Business Development activities in the Oil Servicing industry, and let you break into this vital niche position. With the Cald-Energine Tender/Bid Resource CD you will ;
  • Be able to prepare, process and coordinate Pre-qualification, Technical and Commercial Tenders/Bids in the Oil & Gas industry
  • Understand the fundamentals of Tenders/Bidding and contract award process in the Oil & Gas industry
  • Be able to understand and supervise Commercial bid analysis in the Oil & Gas industry.
  • Be able to facilitate, broker and coordinate Joint Venture/Consortium Co-Tendering/Bidding between Local/Local and Foreign/Local Oil Servicing companies in the Oil & Gas industry.
  • Be able to manage, process and coordinate DPR, NJQS/NIPEX, FIRS and CAC compulsory registration process and procedures in the Oil & Gas industry.
  • Be able to understand and implement Nigerian Content policy directives and compulsory obligations in Oil & Gas industry Tenders/Bids
  • Have over 80 priceless Tender/Bid Tools and materials in generic format. These includes various Work, HSES, Quality and other procedures, Plans, schedules, statements, charts, forms and much more to enable you start Tendering/Bidding immediately.
  • Have a complete and comprehensive understanding of the international and Nigerian OOil & Gas industry, its process and how it operates
For who
- Entrepreneurs and independents seeking entry into Nigeria Oil Industry as Service Providers/Consultants
Make Money as an Oil & Gas Industry Consultant. Operate from existing office, Virtual office or home. Start with a Business Name registration, print your business card and you are in business.
The Federal Government Local Content Development policy as well as the Oil Majors new policy of using indigenous community contractors has created a huge and expanding pool of small oil service companies into the Oil industry. These local contractors normally do not have the capability or resources to generate the services typically required by the Oil Majors when bidding for work or executing a contract. A market exists for business minded individuals with Tender/Bidding and Business Development Skills. With the materials provided in this kit you can start your own consultancy business providing highly needed services and force your way into the lucrative Oil industry The new federal policy on Local Content now requires all offshore and foreign oil servicing companies seeking to work in the Nigerian Oil Industry to partner with local and indigenous companies before they can be awarded contracts in Nigeria.
This Resource Kits will also enable you start a business providing matchmaking services and Brokerage. Package your services to offshore and foreign oil servicing companies seeking entry into the Nigerian Oil Industry. Seek out current and relevant bids, package the opportunities and identify Nigerian companies that can jointly bid for the project and contact offshore and foreign oil servicing companies for participation to bring them together.
- Existing Oil Industry Personnel seeking to expand their capability, acquire vital skill set and step up/branch out in their Oil industry
Move up. Acquire these hot skill set and resource materials and race up the ladder in your organisation. Expand your capability, consolidate your position and make yourself too valuable to overlook. 
Break In. Expand your capability. Bolster your CV/Resume. This hot Oil industry skill set will make your CV too hot to overlook
Tendering and Bidding for contracts is a niche position and requires specialised knowledge, resources and materials. Many Oil servicing companies try to lure Tender/Bid staff from other organisations because of the vital nature of this service/position and the knowledge and resource materials such people can bring.
- Oil Service companies seeking knowledge and resource materials to bolster their Tender/Bidding ability and improve their ability to win contracts.
This Resource Kit is loaded with information, materials and resources to enable you increase you ability to competitively tender/bid for work in the Oil & Gas industry and improve your Tender/Bid win rate. filled with over eighty Plans, Procedures, templates, Manuals etc required for Oil & Gas industry Tender/Bids, with a step by step guide to Tender/Bid administration and management from Pre-qualification stage, through Technical stage to Commercial stage.
With this Resource pack you will never need to be left out in any Tender/bid again
The Resource Kit comprises twelve sections. Each section is designed to provide specific sets of information. Section one provides general information about crude oil, its history and composition. This establishes a base of understanding for non technical persons.
 Section two provides more detailed information of the petroleum production processes from exploration, to refining. It provides comprehensive information on the processes involved in extracting the crude oil and all other activities involved. Section three provides information on the international petroleum industry in figures. It shows the petroleum producing countries, petroleum exporting countries, petroleum importing countries and other general information on the international Oil and Gas Industry.
 Section four describes the Petroleum industry in Nigeria. It provides an overview of the history and current conditions of the industry in Nigeria, regulatory organisations and key Petroleum exploration and production companies. Section five describes the Nigerian Content Development Act of 2010. This act is meant to increase the participation of Nigerians in the Oil and Gas industry. It describes the role of Local Content in the Tender/Bid process. It also provides an overview of the Nigerian Content Support Fund.
 Section six describes the functions of the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) and the registration procedure. Registering with the DPR is a key pre-requisite for Tendering/Bidding in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry. All the necessary processes and forms are also included in this section. Section seven provides information on the Nigerian Petroleum Exchange (NIPEX) and Nipex Joint Qualification System (NJQS). Registration and Pre-qualifying with NIPEX-NJQS is now mandatory for operating in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry. All the relevant processes, procedures and forms are including in this section.
 Section eight deals with the Tender/Bid process itself and explains the functions of a Tender Bid Coordinator. This section provides a Step-by-Step guide on the Tender/Bid process. It explains how to prepare a Pre-qualification, Technical and commercial tender. How to manage and coordinate the Tender/Bid process. It gives complete and comprehensive information on Tender/Bidding from start to finish and everything in between. It describes Tender/bid and contract management from both the supplier and the buyer’s perspective. It also provides an overview of contract management.
 Section nine provides information on how to get started in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry. It describes the key requirements and provides the necessary forms and processes involved. Section ten describes how you can harness an exciting business opportunity in providing matchmaking services for local and international oil services companies. It provides a step by step guide for local/international oil servicing companies brokerage services.
Section eleven provides contact information sources for oil & Gas Tenders/Bids, Oil Majors, Nigerian Oil Servicing Companies and international Oil servicing companies. Section twelve provides over 80 resources, tools and materials you will need in Tender/Bid preparation. These materials are in generic template and can be easily modified for use in any Tender/Bid Preparation
For a limited time period, the Cald- Energine Tender/Bid Resource CD will be available at a low cost of  N15,900. After this period, the price will be reviewed upwards to its actual value. 
You can order by making  payment into our corporate bank accountat any branch of UBA BANK,PLC,nationwide.ACCT NAME-MMC MANAGEMENT CONSULTING.ACCT NO-00680160002313
 After payment, you can either pick up the Resource Kit at our Lagos Office (No. 4. Afolabi Obe Street,ori-oke bus stop, Ejigbo, Lagos) or send payment teller details, Resource Kit Name and your full contact address to Via SMS text to o8o3-243-4607.The Resource CD will be sent to you by courier. (Add N2,000 for courier)

Please note that we do not accept cash payment under any circumstances. This product is not for sale in any retail or other outlet. (If you find it for sale please contact us 08032434607 or 08028153293 )