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Monday, August 8, 2011

40 of the HOTTEST Money-Making Programs:
Get this list of these great money-makers for Only $20 Cash.  This list is valued at $40.
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For Sale:  Lincoln Head pennies. Brand New 24K Gold Pennies.  Richly layered in PURE 24 Karat Gleaming Gold 7 Mils Thick.
These make great gifts for birthdays,  Christmas, use with jewelry, key-chains and ect.  Great attention getters!
Can be used in Fund-Raisers.
Just $20 cash + $3.00 postage= $23.00 each total.

Sales Representatives Needed To Sell "The Einstein Cloth"......a REVOLUTIONARY cleaning breakthru that REPLACES up to $500 or more worth of cleaning solutions, polishes and pastes. 
I am a Penny Tester with the U. S. Penny Testers, LLC.
Purchase a Penny Tester's Kit which comes with one of these super cleaning cloths for Only $10.00 + $2.00 postage= $14.00 each total.
Take orders from your friends, neighbors, relatives and business of many kinds.   Sell each Super Cleaning Cloth for $22.00.   Make $10.00 on each.   Demonstrate how terrific wonderful one of these "Einstein Cleaning Cloths" does a super cleaning job.  These are not large, but are
super poweful and will clean most anything.  The dirtyier
darker it gets, the more better it works.  It is really Amazing.  Sell 30 of these each day and make $300.00.
Make yourself $1500 a week selling  30  each day.
Make $6000.00 per month.  These are fast, easy sellers and people will snap them up speedily after they see how powerful and terrific these little cloths clean.  One of these will last 2 years.

Order your supply of the "Einstein Cleaning Cloths" from me.   I accept U. S. personal checks,  U. S. money orders,  Cash and Paypal.  Paypal account:

Also send me your orders for other products listed in this blog.  I am a Christian businessman.

Donald Sander,  2810 Concord Lane,  Woodward, Oklahoma 73801-USA