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Attorney | DWI | Criminal Defense | Karl Myles

Amherst & Buffalo Attorney Karl Myles

If you’ve been charged with a DWI, you may be panicking, in a state of shock still; wondering how this could happen to you, and how bad the consequences will be. You’re different from other people charged with serious crimes: you’re not a career criminal, and you need an attorney that can get you through this difficult time, and treat you like a real person who has made a mistake.

DWI is different from all other criminal defense cases; however, most DWI attorneys treat your case just like another folder on their desk. It’s open-ended, and very much up to interpretation. It also has strict procedures required by the police, that if not followed, can get the case dismissed immediately. It also very much depends on your behavior and actions from the moment you’re pulled over, to the moment you use (or refuse) the breathalyzer. You need advisement as soon as possible, often in off-hours, late at night or early in the morning.

Karl Myles is available 24 hours a day.


Unlike most DWI lawyers, he freely gives you his personal cell phone number ((716) 812-2228), and will either answer the phone late at night, or return it right away. If you need legal advice immediately - if you’re unsure what to do and whether it will affect your case or your verdict - you can’t wait until a secretary gets back to you at 9am the next morning. A 9-5 lawyer with a voicemail and a secretary or clerk who will “get back to you,” and only after you have paid a retainer, won’t cut it. You need an attorney who doesn’t see your case as just another plea deal and easy money. Karl Myles is always available for you. He will come see you at home, your jail cell, in a hotel, anywhere. That is the type of attorney you need for a DWI. If you haven’t already, write it down right now, for when you need it: Karl Myles - (716)812-2228.

The experience of a big firm lawyer, and the personal care and devotion of a small, private practice attorney, that you and your DWI case deserve.

Karl Myles will handle your case from start to finish. He will take your testimony, and go through every detail with a fine tooth comb, looking for any errors or discrepancies made by the arresting officer. He does this himself, not outsourcing it to a junior associate, and he does it very well, as his winning record reflects.

Karl Myles is a very religious and spiritual man; he is down to earth and nonjudgmental, and deeply cares about his clients’ well-being, both in the courtroom and out, from the start of the case until a year down the line. He gets to know his clients on a personal level, so that he can speak about you as a person to the prosecutor and the judge. Karl consoles and counsels his clients as a pastor does to his church members, all while having a very impressive DWI trial record. With a quick Google search, you will find that his past clients rave about him.

All of these things are important because a DWI case is so different from regular criminal defense cases. It’s open-ended. People charged with DWI are not hardened criminals; they need emotional support in addition to legal support. You need counsel from start to finish, and every detail about a case has to be analyzed. You also need to be presented to the judge based on your character. If an attorney is never around, and sends a JR associate to handle your case, and doesn’t know you, how can he possibly speak about your character?

Karl is not just a DWI lawyer. He is the total package; he is the embodiment of a traditional, old-school lawyer, one that deeply cares about his clients.

“How could I possibly afford such an experienced and attentive attorney with a winning record, that personally takes every step of your case, all while being available day and night,” you might ask. Mr. Myles knows how much your DWI charges cost you, and that the last thing you want to worry about right now is an expensive attorney. He provides all of this to you in terms you can afford. He is willing to work with you financially, and will make a payment plan with you that you and your family can afford. Legal fees should be an afterthought, not another addition to your worries. Let Karl shoulder the burden of your case for you. Call him at (716)812-2228 right now.

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Karl was very helpful at reducing my charges. He understood,the value of my license as my work is based around driving. His prices are flexible and affordable. All in all he's not a judgmental jerk like other lawyers I've seen he cares for people and their futures. I'd have to say he put many hrs into my case on his own time. Hes very informative and understanding. If you find yourself in the position of a DUI he is the man to call. He helped me tremendously. He really is a genuinely good caring attorney.

Bill Gielow

Karl Myles did an exceptional job on my DUI case and didn't charge me too much money as some of these other attorneys tend to do around here. They say it won't cost much on their fancy tv commercials, well that must be how they're paying for them because I quoted all around town and Karl Myles gave me the best "bang for my buck" as they say. Thank you Karl for taking care of things the right way the first time while still appreciating that everyone doesn't have money to throw away and regular hard working people like myself and my wife make mistakes too! If you need a lawyer go with Karl Myles


Attorney Karl Myles is a down to earth DWI attorney that will fight for the best outcome. He took my case and charged me half of what some locally famous attorneys quoted me. I'm so glad that I chose this attorney. He got my case thrown out due to a bad stop.