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Graham Auction Service - Vehicles, Furniture, & Farm Equipment. Alleman, Iowa

(515) 685-3144


Come to Our Auctions, Get a Bargain and Have Some Fun.

Auction Man

Graham Auction Service

Bid Online, Don't Stand In Line

I have our own auction barn, or we can sell on your site. We are now offering Online Auctions.

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When You Need an Auction Service Call Us—We Are Licensed Bonded and Insured

I am located in Alleman, IA., just 4 miles north of Ankeny. We will soon be on the Alleman side of Ankeny.

We feature auctions on everything from cars, trucks and farm equipment to home furnishings, collectibles, antiques, collector toys, lawn equipment, trailers, guns, office furniture, building materials, and much more!

We advertise in Hawkeye trader. They are free at most stores. Just pick one up! It's a great paper.

They exchange a free paper at most stores, Des Moines R & T, online at and on our web site
We are licensed, bonded and insured.

Merchandise should be picked up on the day of sale unless otherwise arranged. If merchandise is not picked up after 7 days, it will be considered abandoned. If arrangements were made with management over 7 days, a storage fee would be applied.

Watch for our Real Estate Auctions.

Check the navigation for auction dates. Click the button for more information on each auction.

If you own it and want to sell it, visit Graham Auction Service. From entire estates and offices to single vehicles, we help you get a fair price fast! Bankruptcies, repossessions, real estate, or business closings — let us take care of the work!

Find out about Graham Auction Service by browsing our website. As proud members of the Iowa Auctioneer Association, The National Auctioneers Association, IIADA (Iowa Independent Auto Dealers Associates), used auto dealer, and FFL dealer. We're uniquely qualified to handle all of your auction needs. Join us for our next auction!


Call Graham Auction Service today!
Cell (515) 707-4269

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Hours of Operation: Monday Thru Saturday
(515) 685-3144 Cell: (515) 707-4269

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